Month: May 2022

The timeless issue of high youth unemployment in Greece

How much did the pandemic crisis affect the situation? The global economic downturn of 2008 particularly affected children and young people, especially those aged 15-24 who dropped out or were excluded from education, employment and training, according to the ENA Institute’s Social Development Bulletin. In 2013 the percentage of young people in the EU who…
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Reports-factual findings/Interim

Annex I to Report of Factual Findings on expenditures declared under an Interim/FinalReport Listing of procedures performedThe ‘result’ column has three different options: ‘C’, ‘E’ and ‘N.A.’:Ø ‘C’ stands for ‘confirmed’ and means that the auditor can confirm the ‘standard factualfinding’ and, therefore, there is no exception to be reported.Ø ‘E’ stands for ‘exception’ and…
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Closing of the project Mataró

European project to promote entrepreneurship in the field of social and solidarity economy in Mataró, aimed at unemployed young people aged 18 to 29. Training actions:• Awareness in ESS• Good practices• Professionalization opportunities

REVES activities

Important to stress : REVES is an expert partner with less activities than all other partners REVES took part into most of the online partner meetings/steering committee meetings, including the two ‘in person meetings’ held so far (kick-off meeting in Athens and second project meeting, including conference, which was held in autumn 2019 in Terni). Moreover,…
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Training Courses in Italy The first course was held in April 2021 about the communication item. The course had the aim to establish some key points of personal and corporate communication, the knowledge of which is more than ever necessary to enter the world of work. The course has been organised in collaboration with MICH,…
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7th Report until 31/03/2022 7th Report until 31/03/2022

From Civil Society Organizations to Social Entrepreneurship. Combating Youth Unemployment and Addressing the Needs of NEETs (Project No. 2017-1-351) Index:  1st work package management activities 2nd work package communication activities 3rd work package measurement of local social capital and unused resources 4th work package establishment of NEETS meeting points 5th work package Training and capacity…
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Online Educational Seminar “Mentors for Social Economy”(2/4/2021 – 4/4/2021)

Between the 2nd of April and the 4th of April 2021 , the Lead Partner (Institute of Social Economy Studies) of the SOCIALNEET project organized a three day online course under the title “The Contribution of Social Economy to recovery” in line with the activity “Activity NW 6.1.10 Courses targeting the experienced members of civil…
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The activities of the project SOCIALNEET are implemented in Greece by INMEKO and IVEPE-SEV.

Management INMEKO is the Lead Partner of the Project and coordinates all the activities in all the participating countries. Hosts the Steering Committee Meetings and monitors the project’s progress, results and achievements Communication Activities INMEKO is responsible for the general communication strategy, has drafted project’s communication plan and updates regularly and manages the project website.…
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Partner: Craftsmen Association of Terni

The Annual Conference was held on October 15th 2019 in the Association’s Conference room. The event was divided into two parts. The plenary session was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labor, the Umbria Region, the University of Perugia and the most important companies operating at a local level in the Third Sector. The program…
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InfoDay – Italy (February 21st 2020)

The info day program was divided into three parts: 1. Institutional greetings and signature of the memorandum of understanding in support of the project between the Association and the Assessors of the Social Areas of the Municipalities of Terni- Narni- Orvieto, the most important cities in the province of Terni. 2. Analysis of the local…
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