From Civil Society Organizations to Social Entrepreneurship. Combating Youth Unemployment and Addressing the Needs of NEETs



The main challenge that the project SOCIALNEET addresses is the reintegration of young people, which are not in Employment and not in Education or Training (NEETs), into the labor market. Core objective of the project is the establishment social innovative business solutions and the finding of employment in social enterprises by young unemployed people aged between 18-29 and 25-29 years old. 



SOCIALNEET provide services to Civil Society Organisations, Social Enterprises, Neets and Mentors of Social Economy

Civil Society Organisations
Social Enterprises
Mentors of Social Economy


6 work packages

WP1: Management

In both the strategic and operational level the Lead Partner (LP) will be responsible for the management, coordination and implementation of the entire Project and of the Management
Work Package (WP).

Responsible partner: Institute of Social Economy Studies

WP2: Communication

Primary objective of the Communications WP is the widespread promotion and visibility of the project objectives and activities to the project’s target groups and specific audiences in
all partner and donor countries, as well as, to the European wider public.

Responsible partner: Institute of Social Economy Studies

WP3: Measurement of local social capital and unused resources

The main objective of the ‘Measurement of Local Social Capital and Unused Resources’ Work Package (WP) is the mapping of the current situation of active social capital in the area of the project’s implementation

Responsible partner: University of Primorska

WP4: Establishment of NEETS Meeting Points

Main purpose of the ‘Establishment of NEETs Meeing Points’ Work Package is the creation and operation of NEETs Meeting Points. NEETs Meeting Points will constitute social innovation hubs and co-working spaces providing resources and collaboration opportunities for NEETs.

Responsible partner: Municipality of Mataro

WP5: Training and Capacity Building of NEETS

The provision of quality training through the ‘Training and Capacity Building of NEETs’ Work Package comprises one of the core objectives of the project.

Responsible partner: Development Association of Alto Tamega’s Region

WP6: Networking and Transfer of Know-How

The main purpose of the ‘Networking and Transfer of know’ WP is to engage and connect civil society organizations and experienced members of civil society organizations directly with the objectives of the project, under the guidelines of the expertise partner.

Responsible partner: Rezekne Academy of Technologies

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IVEPE - SEV, as a partner in the SocialNEETs project in Greece, has conducted more than 360 hours of one-to-one consulting with young people not in employment and education.

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On Monday, September 19, 2022, the Final Conference for the SOCIALNEET Project will be organized in Novus City Hotel.
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On Monday, September 19, 2022, the Final Conference for the SOCIALNEET Project will be organized in Novus City Hotel.

In the first part of the event, actions and results from their participation in ... See more

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If you are in search of employment or in search of opportunities you can visit for consultancy

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