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Reports-factual findings/Interim

Annex I to Report of Factual Findings on expenditures declared under an Interim/FinalReport Listing of procedures performedThe ‘result’ column has three different options: ‘C’, ‘E’ and ‘N.A.’:Ø ‘C’ stands for ‘confirmed’ and means that the auditor can confirm the ‘standard factualfinding’ and, therefore, there is no exception to be reported.Ø ‘E’ stands for ‘exception’ and…
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7th Report until 31/03/2022 7th Report until 31/03/2022

From Civil Society Organizations to Social Entrepreneurship. Combating Youth Unemployment and Addressing the Needs of NEETs (Project No. 2017-1-351) Index:  1st work package management activities 2nd work package communication activities 3rd work package measurement of local social capital and unused resources 4th work package establishment of NEETS meeting points 5th work package Training and capacity…
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Partner: Development Association of Alto Tamega’s Region (ADRAT)

On 14th of October 2019 the 2nd Steering and Work-in-Progress Committee took place in Terni as well as in the Annual Conference in Italy, with the participation of Alexandrina Martins. ADRAT participated in different video conferences meeting also with the participation of the F.O. On 18th July ADRAT implemented the 1st meeting of the focus group, composed…
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Progress report (June 2019)

In this report ADRAT want to show the progress, achievements and results of SOCIALNEET project implementation in Alto Tâmega Region, Portugal. WP1 – Management Activites Activity M 1.1.5 Steering and Work-in-Progress (WIP) Committee Meeting — Activity M 1.2.2 Audit report ADRAT worked on the first interim report on time, and in the second one ADRAT…
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