REVES activities

REVES activities

Important to stress : REVES is an expert partner with less activities than all other partners

  • REVES took part into most of the online partner meetings/steering committee meetings, including the two ‘in person meetings’ held so far (kick-off meeting in Athens and second project meeting, including conference, which was held in autumn 2019 in Terni).
  • Moreover, REVES helped to prepare the third (online) partner meeting and conference which was organized in September 2020 by the City of Mataro – providing advice on the content (in particular content related to the EU framework), helping with contacts to speakers, etc.

Activities by REVES related to transfer of know-how:

  • A first transfer of know-how was accomplished during the kick off  meeting, by presenting the expert capabilities; this included a presentation to local stakeholders (to be involved in local trainings) about the status-quo of EU social enterprise-related policies, in order to provide learners with the general framework in which the course is organised by the local partner.
  • In order to support the capabilities of local partners (not only the one indicated under “location”), REVES organised a virtual session with the JRC from the European Commission in order to allow partners to get started with the Social Economy Enterprise Canvas, that was developed in 2019 by the Agency.
  • A first online training session on the social economy in EU policies was organised on 16 March 2022, 2-4pm. The webinar provided participants with an insight into EU strategies and policies influencing the development of the social economy. It targeted organisations promoting the development of the social economy at local and regional level, other type of civil society organisations, local and regional authorities, but also single social economy initiatives and other interested organisations or persons. The event was organised and animated by REVES. All SocialNEET project partners and their networks had been invited. Out of 29 registered persons (representing social economy organisations, civil society, universities and other training providers as well as employer organisations from Italy, Belgium and Greece) 18 attended the session. A second online training session followed on 2 May 2022, this time with a specific focus on EU programmes through which social economy initiatives and their development can be fostered. Out of 46 registered persons, 13 attended the event.
  • Organisation of thematic sessions: A first thematic session was organised on 29 March 2022, 2-4pm. During this webinar, different ways and instruments to provide young people with knowledge and competences related to social economy entrepreneurship were presented. A specific focus was put on hybrid forms of education, including gamification and game-based learning. Key inputs came from University of Rome Tor Vergata (IT) and Kooperationen (DK).
  • The webinar was organised and moderated by REVES.
  • Out of the 45 registered persons (representing social economy organisations, civil society, think tanks, universities, training providers/consultancies and employer organisations from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium and Australia) 13 attended the webinar.