Partner: Development Association of Alto Tamega’s Region (ADRAT)

Partner: Development Association of Alto Tamega’s Region (ADRAT)

On 14th of October 2019 the 2nd Steering and Work-in-Progress Committee took place in Terni as well as in the Annual Conference in Italy, with the participation of Alexandrina Martins. ADRAT participated in different video conferences meeting also with the participation of the F.O.

On 18th July ADRAT implemented the 1st meeting of the focus group, composed by different CSO of Alto Tâmega Region (Portugal), with around 20 persons participating. The main objective of this event was to involve the organizations in the project and start to obtain answers to the questionnaires that have been distributed. Also important is their support to identify and involve the NEETs, that’s why an online registration form has been certain with the view to involve all CSO in the project. In 6th December of 2019 ADRAT realized a new awareness activity with 13 persons of social economy entities.

Several news published in the ADRAT’s pages (facebook and institutional website) as well as delivered trough ADRAT newsletter. ADRAT also created registers in the platforms: instagram, twitter and youtube to share news and communication material about the projetc and his actitivties https://adrat.pt/tag/socialneet/

Furthermore, ADRAT started his NEET Meeting Point on 20th of January 2020. This place has computers available for the NEET and they also can use another common service of ADRAT (copies, internet, etc.)

In order to establish a Network, ADRAT is preparing several meetings with CSO’s in order to analyze the best method to implement the Capacity Building Workshops/Seminars, which will be addressed to these entities. On the 18th of February 2020 ADRAT organized the first activity that counted with several entities. ADRAT developed a capacity building workshop about social innovation.