InfoDay – July 8 at 14.00 – 16.00

InfoDay – July 8 at 14.00 – 16.00

8 countries, 270 mentors from all over Europe, 5 thousand participants – all that for a green and united Europe.

From August 3rd, the Meeting Point of SOCIALNEET program focused on combating youth unemployment through the development of social entrepreneurship, will operate in Warsaw. The project includes residents of the province Mazowieckie at the age of 18 to 29, all belonging in the category of NEETs, who want to acquire new knowledge and skills that will allow them to include themselves on the labor market.

InfoDay will be held on July 8 at 14.00 – 16.00 at 1 Inżynierska Str. in Warsaw, where project details will be presented. Local partners of the program are: Korczak University, Family Support Center “Family Warsaw” and “Heart for Children”.


  • we provide training on work in civil society organizations
  • we work to build the capacity of civil society organizations based on the idea of ​​social entrepreneurship
  • we implement courses targeted at civil society leaders that enable them to act as mentors
  • we help create innovative business plans
  • we provide advisory and consultancy services for NEETs


  • modern models of social innovation are used to integrate young people into the labor market
  • training in important areas: health care, culture, IT, renewable energy sources
  • creating and implementing tools to support and promote social entrepreneurship


  • organizations supporting civil society throughout Europe
  • public sector institutions
  • private sector institutions
  • leaders of local communities


Are you 18-29 years old and are you from the Mazowieckie province?

Do you want to gain new knowledge, competences and skills that will allow you to find yourself on the labor market?

Are you interested in culture, tourism, healthcare, IT, alternative energy sources or agriculture?

Do you believe that we can do more together?

By participating in the project you will receive professional support, you will participate in specialized trainings that will raise your competences and skills and equip you with the tools needed to take up work or set up your own social enterprise. 8/7/2020, at 14.00 – 16.00 we invite you to InfoDay international program SOCIALNEET, under which eight European countries fight youth unemployment through the development of social entrepreneurship – including residents of the province Mazowieckie from 18 to 29 years old.

• opening InfoDay and welcoming guests
• presentation of the project concept and social economy principles promoted by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner M. Yunus
• presentation of the Family Support Center and its project tasks
• presentation of the “Heart” Association of Large and Partial Families and its project tasks

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