3rd-semester actions – Municipality of Mataro

3rd-semester actions – Municipality of Mataro

Among the actions that took place during the 3rd semester of SOCIALNEET project, a video “Presentation of young people;s experiences in social economy” has been published with the view to advertise the Infoday and the project on social media and have given us a very good result.

Along with the Communication Service a Mini-site of the project has been designed: www.mataro.cat/socialneet. This mini-suite has all the information of the program and other information of interest related to the social economy in the city and the territory will be posted.

The Infoday was held on January 31, 2020. The aim of this event was the presentation and explanation of the NEET Social project and all the actions to be carried out throughout the year 2020 and part of the 2021. It took place in the facilities where the Meeting Point will be located. This place is the Cafè de Mar building, where entities and the incubator of social economy companies are currently housed. The total number of participants in the Infoday was about 80 people.

In the framework of Work Package 3, three Focus groups have been done on three different targets of the quadruple helix: Members of the University (Tecnocampus de Mataró) and Mataró City Council staff of the different services involved in the project (youth, entrepreneurial occupation and youth) in two different groups. To collect data on the survey we asked for the collaboration of the Agency of entities of the city. They have a database of about 850 entities, to which surveys were sent, but only about thirty answered. We find that third sector entities are not identified with the social economy. Therefore, we will focus training and awareness on explaining what the social economy is and the benefits of entrepreneurship in this area.

The first results were presented to the local driving group on March 20th. Given the confinement situation resulting from covid-19, the presentation has been postponed to May 14 in a virtual version. We want to return the mapping to all participants and agents of the social economy of the city and collect their impressions related to the conclusions of the report. The report will be posted on the mini-site for all audiences.

Focus group with stakeholders and reference people from city and the territory to detect the resources of the social economy

The Meeting Point building is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Café de Mar. Some of the activities carried out during the first month of opening the meeting point: setting up the meeting point, coordination of the driving group, requesting budgets for other activities / suppliers, monitoring and control of contracted companies, organization of working groups for young people and business plan entities, design of training actions for organizations and young people.

Meetings of the local driving group of the project during this second semester (September 2019 to March 2020)

As for the Business plans, the coordinating team evaluated the proposals they received and a winner has been selected who will make the business plans and the entrepreneurial trends in the economic sectors involved in the project. During the first week of March, 3 working groups were held in the health, tourism and agriculture sectors. These groups have chosen an idea to develop as an example and a pool of ideas to develop with young people and companies in the future.

Also during these months, two specific courses for the tourism and health and health sector have been designed with the University Chair. The university in our city currently offers degrees in these sectors and therefore we have contacted them to design the contents.

This content has focused on 6 areas:

• Introduction to the Social Economy

• Characteristics of the Welfare and Health sector

• Identify needs

• New trends and services

• Healthy organizations and case analysis

• Attendance and participation in visits to companies in each sector

The forecast for the start of both courses is reviewed for the month of October and will be face-to-face.

Parliament of the project by the councilor and the consultancy that has prepared the Mapping (WP3)
Working meetings with young people to analyze trends in economic sectors and choose an idea to develop BPs
Presentation of the project on local television