INMEKO has developed every week an interactive discussion with teleconferences to create an open communication structure and reservoir of thought in order to promote the social solidarity economy. This structure will have two parts. One part concerns the aggregation of cognitive digital content and the other the creation of an electronic digital marketplace of social enterprise products and services.

We spent a lot of time finding the appropriate legal form to manage this structure that covers all actors. The case is like the Columbus egg. While the initiative has been well-received in the field, some socio-economic federations are finding it difficult to get under a new legal form, even though it is a business action plan.

We can only respect these reservations, although the effectiveness of this initiative has been demonstrated in practice, and many bodies have co-signed memoranda with the Ministry of Labor, the Regions and the EESC. of the Social Economy. And this can be done through a consortium in which all associations will be EQUAL. In the online Platform, everyone will have their own link and will self-manage it with whatever they provide by promoting their own products or services. Thus, it is not necessary for each body to enter under another Board. It can be autonomous through an informal consortium and always participate in whatever it agrees.

On the other hand, in order to continue the open dialogue and to have a source of digital content, we need an open voluntary Citizens’ Union in which institutions and legal entities will participate for the communication promotion of the social economy in Greece. There is currently no need for a new legal form of support. The Voluntary Citizens’ Union can be called: COOPERATIVE SOCIETY


In essence, this is a “PNYKA” of Participatory Democracy in the field of social Solidarity economy. This creates a space for social economy volunteers who are not necessarily representatives of another collective.

Some who are comfortable with the vicious system of managing Community funds for the social economy today will accuse us of politicizing the issue.

Indeed, we politicize it in the same way as the employers ‘and workers’ federations of all sectors of the economy that claim resources for their sector. We politicize it in this sense of the partisanship of resources and bribery. With differentiation in space from the closed guilds of closed interests.

The purpose of the group for the social solidarity economy will be the cooperation at every level as an alternative to new jobs. The creation of local consumer cooperatives and energy communities with a direct impact on reducing the cost of living. The social partnerships of social enterprises with Local Government and the utilization of inactive resources that objectively belong to each local community. The training of executives through the Mentors program for the social economy. And finally the utilization and digitization of the social and intellectual capital that today exists fragmented without access.

For all these issues there are elaborations and studies that will soon be gathered in our electronic platform which will be open to everyone.

For the recording Vassilis Taktikos