WP5: Training and Capacity Building of NEETS

Responsible partner: Development Association of Alto Tamega’s Region

The provision of quality training through the ‘Training and Capacity Building of NEETs’ Work Package comprises one of the core objectives of the project. Since it is addressed to young unemployed people not in education, nor in training its provision will have an advance and challenging aim in providing its target groups with solid skills and knowledge, which will assist them in practice and be not just another training of no benefit for them. Social and labor conditions in the project partner countries and Europe-wide favor the shift towards social entrepreneurship and the greater engagement of social economy organizations in the economy. In this framework, the project will design and provide specialized training coursed to NEETs aiming at equipping them with the tools, skills and competences so as to find employment or become themselves entrepreneurs in social and solidarity economy. A strategic advantage of the project’s consortium is that all partners have experience in youth employment, social economy and entrepreneurship initiatives. The training WP includes the implementation of seven (7) training initiatives (one in each country) by universities and training institutions in the main fields of Culture and Tourism Industry, Health Care, Agriculture, IT & Open Source Software, Alternative Energy Sources. Having in mind the changing social and economic dynamics in every country the fields of training may be adjusted as required for the benefit of the trainees and for facilitating the adaptation to local labor market needs. In addition, to the traditional but very different in content mode of training provided in the framework of the project, young beneficiaries will have the opportunity to test and enhance their knowledge regarding social entrepreneurship endeavors taking place in Europe, by participating in a work-based training session in one or more civil society / social economy organizations. In the context of the WP seven (7) work based trainings forNEETs (one in each country) will take place, in civil society/social economy organizations and last for one (1) week. Trainees will acquire specialized knowledge and hands onexperience in the workings and operation of a civil society organization. The WP activities contribute to the outcomes of

1. Increased participation in education and training of former NEETs and

2. the acquisition of transferable skills and competences which increase their employability and job opportunities.