WP4: Establishment of NEETS Meeting Points

Responsible partner: Municipality of Mataro

Main purpose of the ‘Establishment of NEETs Meeing Points’ Work Package is the creation and operation of NEETs Meeting Points. NEETs Meeting Points will constitute social innovation hubs and co-working spaces providing resources and collaboration opportunities for NEETs. Their main target group is the core beneficiaries of the project that is NEETs between 18-29 years old and particularly those between 25-29 years old, as well as, civil society organizations, local and regional public and NGOs and practitioners of social economy and social policy of the project partner area in which they will be established. As social incubators the Meeting Pints will provide a number of specialized services to NEETs such as i)information on training and education, ii) information on employment opportunities focusing on social economy and civil society organizations, iii) networking and publicity services, iv)advisory and consulting services and v) the ability for organizing meetings and events upon request on the availability of its spaces and vi) job finding events in collaborations with civil and social economy organizations.

The Meeting Points will operate as Centers for the Support of Social and Economy and Entrepreneurship and will provide NEETs with consulting services for the setting-up phase of social enterprises and in particular accounting support, organization and administrative counselling, clientele development, drafting of marketing plan sales promotion plans, Legal support, business development access to finance-microcredits support. It is envisaged for seven (7) Meeting Points to be established and operated by two (2) administrative staff in spaces of the Project Partners. Main activity of the WP is the support of NEETs in establishing business plans and progress in creating their own enterprises. Business development plans sectors include but are not limited in the fields: 1. Culture and Tourism Industry, 2. Health Care, 3. Agriculture, 4. IT & Open Source Software and 5. Alternative Energy Sources. For the optimum development of the Meeting Points the Lead Partner will establish a Strategic Plan setting among others the timetable of its implementation, the design of the selection process for potential social entrepreneurs, the organization of a support and mentoring team and internal rules of procedure. The WP outputs and activities will contribute to the realization of specific project’s and in particular to: A) an increased number of NEETs experiencing social inclusion, B) the development of innovative approaches on lowering youth unemployment and C) the establishment of improved employment situation of NEETs. The Meting Points will be fully equipped and supported with high quality technological infrastructure.