WP2: Communication

Responsible partner: Institute of Social Economy Studies

Primary objective of the Communications WP is the widespread promotion and visibility of the project objectives and activities to the project’s target groups and specific audiences in all partner and donor countries, as well as, to the European wider public. The main goals and objectives of the project’s Communication process have been defined in its Communication Plan and include:

1. Raising awareness and motivate NEETs to participate in the project activities,

2. Raising and strengthening of public awareness regarding the objectives and activities of the project,

3. Increase knowledge about the project planned and achieved benefits towards NEETs,

4. Motivate and influence the specific target groups and audiences of the project,

5. Increase of public awareness and visibility about the contribution of the Donor countries, the EEA Grants and the Fund for Youth Employment,

6. Generate awareness and interest to social economy and civil society organizations and as well to public organizations and institutions,

7. Provide the largest available information and dissemination of project results and achievements.

Communications will be based on a coherent results-oriented strategy, which will fundamentally support the project’s specific objectives according to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T) communication objectives. The main target groups of the project’s communication strategy are primarily: i) Young unemployed people between 18-29 years old belonging to vulnerable social groups and their close environment, ii) Civil society, local and regional organizations, iii) Project Partner (PP) countries specific audiences, iv) the Donor countries audiences and the v) wider European public. The implementation of the project’s strategy and communications activities have been planned in order to meet the minimum requirements on effective communication and dissemination of results in the projects described Call for Proposals and Full Proposal Phase documents. In particular, during the Communications implementation one (1) launching event, three (3) major annual events, two (2) minor annual information events, as well as, one (1) closing event will take place. In addition, 35 awareness and information workshops will take place as direct communication activities towards NEETS, civil society, central and local government organizations. Of crucial importance for the project success will be the establishment of the Project’s Website, which will be main communication and dissemination channel regarding the project activities and deliverables. It will be multilingual (8 languages: English, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Slovenian), so as to be accessible both globally and in the language of the project partners and the target groups in concern. In addition, a series of social and internet campaigns by all PP will promote and disseminate projects results and achievements and maximize the communication effect.