WP1: Management

Responsible partner: Institute of Social Economy Studies

In both the strategic and operational level the Lead Partner (LP) will be responsible for the management, coordination and implementation of the entire Project and of the Management Work Package (WP). The LP will be in charge for all matters concerning the implementation of project’s WPs according to the specified deadlines, the overall operational and financial monitoring and the allocation of funds to the Project Partners (PP), the specification of rules and guidelines for performing project activities, the timely progress reporting to the Fund Operator, as well as, risk and quality management. The LP will steer the project Kick-of meeting and all Steering and Work-in-Progress meetings and for this purpose it will establish a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will be chaired by the LP and will be the main decision-making body of the Project and composed together with LP project manager by one representative from each PP. The Committee will among others monitor and manage deviations of project implementation and propose project modifications. The LP will be in charge of the Financial Management and Audit of the project where all PP will assign their auditing to independent auditors qualified to carry out statutory audits of accounting documents. The provision of audit services is the only outsourcing activity foreseen in this WP. In the context of progress reporting and evaluation, the LP will be responsible for all reporting and communication with the FO on behalf of the Consortium. All PP will be responsible for producing a progress review report every 6 months and one in the end of every project year and send it to the LP. The LP will measure and validate together with the PP the achievement and quality of the planned outcomes on the basis of the project’s Quality plan. Concerning day-to-day management the LP will communicate with the PP by phone, e-mail and skype calls for ensuring the timely and quality implementation of project’s outputs and results.